Fusion - Performing Arts Center

Fusion is focused on providing
the best dance education 
for you and your children.
We offer a variety of professional classes for all levels and ages.

Our faculty strives to make each student the best dancer and performer they can be while
having an amazing and memorable dance experience.  We are very involved in each childs growth as a dancer and take great pride in our ability to have a relationship with each and every student and parent.

Fusion has 2 large studios with large
viewing windows to see every class.  This allows every parent the opportunity to have the pleasure
of watching your children
grow as dancers.  We are very confident that you will be satisfied with your child's journey. 
Fusion also has a Competitive team that works extremely hard and represents the school as terrific role models during all performances and also in all regular classes.  They have won numerous awards for all of there hard work and dedication.
We are extremely proud of all of their accomplishments!
At Fusion, we do everything we can
to meet your expectations.
We look forward
to dancing with you!

Fusion is located
in Metairie at 
8814 Veterans 
Next to
Chapelle High School.
Please contact Missy at
(818) 590-8826
for more information
or email at
Affinity Competition Team
2015 Cover Girl
Ms. Caroline Sanders 
   Summer Camp 2015

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