Fusion - Performing Arts Center
Our Studio was built for Fusion!We are located upstairs at
8814 Veterans Blvd.
With 2 suites, we provide 2 very large dance studios and a very nice waiting room which offers large viewing windows for each studio.  We are proud of our success and take such pride in all of our hard work.
"Waiting Room"
"Studio A"
"Studio B"
From a parent about Fusion:
    "I realized last night, the difference between us and everywhere else.  We are a family!  Everyone knows each other and we all try to work together.  That is so important.  You allow that by letting us be a part of the kids classes.  We get to watch them every week, which allows us parents to get to know one another.  Most places don't have that.  We know the big girls, the little girls and everyone else inbetween and their parents.  I'm glad my child has those big girls to look up to and model off of.  They are truly incredible dancers and you have taught them that."
Fusion Photos



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